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Local and seasonal botanicals preserved in ecopoxy resin. Each botanical is thoughtfully hand-picked, dried in silica sand, and then preserved in the resin. It takes anywhere from 1-4 days for the flower to fully dry out after it is gently buried in the silica sand depending on the flower's water content. It is then carefully removed from the sand and slowly placed in the resin to avoid forming air bubbles. When the flower is preserved in cabochon form, I must place it over a light to look for and remove air bubbles that can get trapped under the delicate petals before it cures. When in crystal form, the resin must be cured for EXACTLY 3 hours before I insert the copper bail, or else the resin will be either too soft or too hard. It is then hung on a soft, durable, hand braided hemp chain. These pieces are very light and easy to wear.
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  • Locally Sourced Heather in Amber Toned Resin
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