About The Artist

Stacey Mathews has been living and working out of Whistler since 2013. Her jewellery venture began when she lived in Vancouver, and after graduating from the Blanche MacDonald film makeup program, working multiple jobs as a photographer and a fragrance sales associate at Holt Renfrew/Joe Malone, had a sudden crash and began suffering of severe chronic anxiety. Unable to continue on her current path, she took a job as a barista at Grouse Mountain, where she found some solace up in the alpine. While continuing to struggle daily with her condition, two simultaneous events occurred that unknowingly redirected her path to where she is now today. During an intense anxiety attack, she went to her craft box and strung together a bracelet to calm down, and a coworker gifted her an agate slice necklace wrapped in wire for her birthday. Two days after receiving the gift, her anxiety quickly dissipated. Simultaneously, after she wore her bracelet to work, it was well received by coworkers, who asked to purchase one of their own. This sparked a curiosity in the healing properties of crystals, as well as a passion for creating jewellery. 

Since moving to Whistler, Stacey has worked at Rocks and Gems Canada, local metaphysics shop, The Oracle, and the local recycling centre. Her jewellery was well received by many in the community, and many customers claimed that the wire wrap necklaces she had started making had brought them comfort and aided them during trying times. People began wearing them until they felt better and then would pass them on, starting the trend of #wearitandpassiton 

Lovestones has now grown to be very mixed medium artistic venture. After discovering resin, Stacey was able to incorporate vast array of materials ranging from recycled and upcycled materials such as snipped up candy wrappers and plastic straws, seasonal local vegetation, and ashes for custom memorial pieces. 

The brand's logo, simplified, means "constantly evolving."

Whether you have an interest in gemstone healing properties, wearing locally sourced stones, recycled/upcycled materials, seasonal vegetation, or things that are aesthetically pleasing with lots of sparkles that glows-in-the-dark, Stacey hopes that you find a unique piece to love and cherish for many years to come!